Virtual Hot Models
Virtual Hot Models

Erotic adult games for PC and Android, featuring our superb virtual models for your complete satisfaction.

adult games for PC and Android

Virtual Hot Modells game screens

Based on simple, yet challenging memory game gameplay, our erotic games offer you the opportunity to enjoy sexy models showing off their beauty, as they reveal their secrets little by little. Matched with sensual music, our adult games and our virtual girls will stimulate and satisfy your appetite for adult entertainment in a unique setting.

Our 3D hot models are carefully crafted to please the eye and titillate the senses. We strive to satisfy a wide range of tastes, and we will continuously add new virtual girls to our collection. Blondes, brunettes, redheads and everything in between, from delicious plump girls, to sophisticated tall beauties, will join Virtual Hot Models, for your pleasure and satisfaction.













Vanessa VHM

Eye color: hazel
Hair color: blonde
Measurements: 105/60/90

A buxom blonde, with warm hazel brown eyes, our virtual hot model Vanessa awaits you to discover all her secrets, little by little. Her generous curves will be unraveled throughout the game, for your pleasure and delight.


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Brandy VHM

Eye color: dark green
Hair color: fiery red
Measurements: 88/58/86

Just like fine liquor, our virtual sex model Brandy will offer you great delights and she will show you a great time. Let our feisty redhead guide you on a path filled with sinful pleasures.


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Arielle VHM

Eye color: brown
Hair color: black
Measurements: 90/60/90

Gifted with perfect measurements, graceful Arielle is a sexy brunette and one of our virtual hot models. Do not let yourself fooled by her shy appearance; she will show all her hidden treasures to anyone bold enough to try uncover them.


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Ivana VHM

Eye color: blue
Hair color: platinum blonde
Measurements: 91/62/93

The beauty of our virtual hot model Ivana is close to perfection. Her icy blue eyes, her platinum blonde hair falling in waves over her shoulders make her worthy of a royal title. Pride and feminine charm mix in her appearance, and sexiness exudes through all her pores.


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